Our Story
Know more about us
A family story

MMy sister and I, both highly experienced in the world of tourism and high-level sport, had long thought of collaborating on a mutual project. Our experience acquired as entertainers at world wide renamed "CLUB MED" inspired an idea around luxury holidays and the customer would be our main concern.

Common values

We listen to his desires. Our client will guide us to develop his best travel plan: A picnic on a desert island, private museum visits, Masterchefs at your service, premium house care or even an orchestra on the beach. Everything is possible!

Our most important values are;

  • Greet our customer with a smile and kindness
  • Be available for our customers at any time
  • Listen to our client, identifying their needs and desires
  • Exchange and communicate with our customers to know them better and meet their criterias accurately

Early days

I In 2002, after a family trip to Mexico around a luxury environment, it inspired us to develop the concept of a "Grand Palace" service in luxury private villas. My sister lives in the USA and i in the south of France.

  • 2004, Rental of luxury villas with premium services in Mexico. The clientele was mainly American and French.
  • 2005, We created Angelmas International Inc. in USA, with a branch in France. Moment we lauched our first website.
  • 2007, We expanded our "bouquet" of luxury villas offering destinations worldwide. At this moment we strated to offer boating, sailing and yacht cruises, to enrich our catalog.

The growth

FFor over fifteen years, we extended our portfolio of prestigious clients. The customer satisfaction was the indicator that we followed extremelly carefully. It encouraged us to focus on values first.

At present

TToday, our customers demand more than a stay in a luxury villa or a yacht cruise. We offer them to live exceptional moments and experiences. Underwater excursions abroad a private submarine, personalised museum visits, birdwatching in protected locations, helicopter flights around your private island and cultural events. You decide, we make it happen.
Today, we are proud to be able to provide you with an Exclusive and Luxurious offer.