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Wellness Experiences

Close your eyes and imagine your body and face relaxed. This moment will make you forget, and will gently induce you with a Zen attitude. Your only feeling will be of wellness.


Stop for a moment and take a break to breathe, soothe your body and calm your mind. Are you tired? Workedout?
The wellness massage in your private villa will help you lower the pressure, recover energy and reconnect with yourself.

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Eating is essential, doing it right is vital ... Often the time or knowledge is lacking to know how to eat well without sacrificing pleasure.
Take advantage of your stay in one of our villas to gain expert advice and take control on your diet.

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One of the best things you can do for your body is the hammam, which soothes muscle pain, relieves pressure and provides immediate relaxation. Enjoy the exclusive Hammam of the villa!

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Relax and enjoy personalized sessions from our physiotherapists. They meet you at the villa, establish with you a treatment or massage program according to your desires and needs. The luxury is to take the time to take care of yourself or your loved ones.

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Bioenergetic Osteopathy

Is it difficult to move? Do you feel pain? A lack of energy? Bioenergetic Osteopathy can help you with gentle manual therapy. Our specialists will listen to you and your body.

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Personal trainer

Do you want to get back in shape with support? Tone your body?
Take advantage of your stay in our villas to meet your personal trainer. He will prepare a tailor-made program during your stay and will plan your exercises to do throughout the year.

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Yoga | Tai Chi

Our daily life is often hectic and we are constantly chasing for time.
This activity is open to all ages and can be practiced around the swimming pool whilst watching the sunset or under the trees on your private beach.

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A magical experience to connect with yourself and the people you love.To breathe and be nourished with energy. You have to meditate, but how to do it? You will learn with specialists to practice and use your mental strength to find peace.

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Nature & Sport
Nature & Sport Experiences

Another recipe for happiness is a healthy body in a healthy mind. Practice or discover new activities in beautiful places, supervised by qualified instructors

Europe | Asia | South America | USA Golf

The most beautiful golf courses selected for you

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA | Africa Trecking

Explore natural reserves and national parks, Excursions to the jungle, Via Ferrata ...

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA Tennis

Guaranteed access to the most prestigious courts around the world

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA | Africa Beaches

Access to confidential or private beaches

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA | Africa Helicopter

Helicopter flights to and from your private island, transfers, excursions

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA | EAU Horse riding

Access the doors of prestige stud farms

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA | Africa Cycling

Take a stopover in the Tour de France, mountain bike escapades in national parks, Downhill ...

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA | Africa Sky Sports

Hot air balloon, Paragliding, Free fall

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA | Africa Ornithology

Study and pratice birdwatching on protected sites

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA | Africa Water Sports

Surf / Sailing / Windsurf / KiteSurf / Jet Lev Flyer / WakeBoard / Jet Ski / Canoe & Kayak

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA | Africa Fishing

On a private boat. Big game fishing, line fishing or Fly fishing

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA | Africa Underwater

Excursions in a private submarine - Diving with high qualified instructors

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA | Africa Off-Road

Buggy, Jeep safari , Quad 

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Organic Experiences

Find a selection of authentic and luxurious places. Priority to quality over quantity.
Your stay will be like no other, because absolutely everything has been thought out and chosen around Zen, Energy and totally natural products for a true inner well-being! Everything is absolutely Organic.


A complete wellness experience in a healthy and idillyc environment:
Yoga | Massages | Personal development | Coaching sessions | Meditation | Osteopathy

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It is not surprising that the real taste of things are scrupulously developed without the slightest use of pesticides and any other phytosanitary products.

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Interior design

Everything has been thought, chosen and manufactured around organic principles. From construction materials to paints, bedding, textile, heating and even decorative elements.

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Sport & Nature

A paradise for outdoor activities! Mountain biking | Climbing | Via Ferrata | Cycling | Walking | Horse riding | Canoe | Balloon flight | Overview of the region | Paragliding ...

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Art & Culture

Cooking lessons | Photography masterclass | Markets | Museums | Visit and tasting at organic production site | Discovery of picturesque villages ...

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Art & Culture Experiences

You will be guided by our local collaborators who will open the doors of prestigious places for you.

Europe | Asia | South America | USA | Africa Cooking Masterclass

The greatest local and international chefs will be by your side to pass on their knowledge of traditional cuisine

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA | Africa Introduction to traditional dances

In a tribal village or a Los Angeles studio dancing with a selection of teachers in unusual venues

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South and Central America Mayan civilization

Learn all little secrets of Mayan civilization

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA | Africa Historical and cultural tour of the city

Our guides will make you discover the richness of the past heritage and allow you access to exclusive places. Abbeys, monasteries, temples, castles ...

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Europe Lavender in Provence

Take part in a lavender picking. An authentic experience, delighting all the senses.

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA | EAU Exhibitions, Museums

True art lovers will assist you

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA Photography Masterclass

Personal photography masterclasses with professionals, to sharpen your eye skills

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Asia Pearl Farms

Visit the most famous pearl farms with total guidance

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Europe Bullfighting

Introduction to a fascinating world. You will never forget what you will see!

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Europe Horse & Dressage

This course is accessible to all riders wishing to improve and discover new training methods. Share the daily life of professional horse riders from the most emblematic stud farms

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA | Africa Private shows

Private shows with traditional musicians and dancers at your own place

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Europe | Asia | South America | USA | Africa Market

We will introduce you to new flavors. All the senses will be awakened

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Private cruises

We create your luxury cruise together with sophisticated activities and facilities, multiple gastronomic options and all the entertainment and relaxation possible on a yacht.

Private Events

The extent of spaces and the natural charm of the locations that we have carrefully selected for our guests, create a dream setting for the organization of festive events. Everything here can therefore be imagined and created for the happiness of your guests

Professional events

Authentic and prestigious places to organize your seminars, work meetings, team building...

Filming locations
Prestige villas or boats

We provide you with exceptional villas or boats for your filming, photo sessions, reports, video clips. We purpose a unique selection of villas that offer something special. The unique location you are looking for is in our selection.

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Brand launching
If a good product was enough to succeed ...

It is still necessary to make it known to as many people as possible, to have a message and a place that meets your objectives.
You will find in our collection of mansions, boats and ideal venues, the success for your events.

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The main management tool for the good health of a business and its HR

Outside the professional framework in an ideal place, bring together your most deserving collaborators in order to implement your future strategies.

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Team Building
Strenghen your connections

A day, a weekend or more to motivate your team, bring out the skills of each and learn to work together. Here is the way for success in a business. We offer top locations with a range of unifying, original and stimulating activities.

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