Any exceptional property to reveal to us?
2 options to meet your expectations
You manage

If your property meets our standards, we will then be able to add it to our catalog. We do not display our entire offer on our website. We must keep our addresses confidential under request of our clients and be more than a common rental company of "luxury villas". We establish a real relationship with owners and together we will create the best experiences for a guest.
Our concept is to offer our customers a custom-made holiday. We will therefore offer them your home if it meets our client standards
Be aware that rental management requires time, skills and the right network.

We manage

This service is designed to meet the demand of owners that want to be 'trouble free'. The luxury market demands professional assistance and customers have considerably increased their level of requirements. Having an exclusive property is no longer the only criteria to obtain high rental incomes.
Many of problems that we solve for owners are:

  • " It takes too much time and you don't have it "
  • " Legal assistance with contracts between partners, customers, websites, rental deposit... "
  • " The obstacle and recruitment of quality staff "
  • " To have a strong network of partners to market the property "
  • " Customer management, holiday preparation, customer follow-up during the stay, check-in… "
  • " Make a website and SEO "

Your contact will be us.
We will work together to meet our targets but, the final decision will always be yours.