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Gastronomy, Landscape, Authenticity

France is a country with great heritage and landscapes. It remains the first tourist destination in the world. The Landes, Provence and the Côte d'Azur are places conducive to French elegance and refinement.

Cradle of Antiquity then home of the Renaissance, Italy is fascinating

Italy was for a long time a proximity of city-states, the rivalry of which has been expressed over centuries through art. You will feel it in the North, with its cities full of treasures. Between two urban pearls, nature forms a beautiful frame.

Archaeological and natural pearl

One trip is not enough to discover all the beauty that Greece has to offer. A dive into the world of ancient history, in the heart of a warm and preserved culture, and in the middle of beautiful mountains, paradise islands and turquoise waters.

A privileged climate all year round

Visiting Spain is ideal for Art and History lovers. Spain is known for the diversity of its landscapes and architecture influenced by several cultures and religions. From north to south, each city will reveal its cultural treasures.

A destination with multiple contrasts and influences…

This fascinating country indeed has a great diversity of traditions, notably Arab, European and Berber. It offers varied experiences to travelers.
Some people think that Morocco is only a country of golden dunes, but it is actually a diverse destination both in terms of landscapes and cultural assets.

Find your rhythm

There are countries that mark you forever and put little stars in your eyes when you go through them, leaving you wet streaks on your cheeks when you have to leave them. We think back with a big smile and we only dream of going back there...

An ideal climate and a crystal clear sea

White sand, warm and turquoise waters, the Caribbean is a dream! Beyond the postcard landscapes, the Caribbean hides countless treasures! Each island and each country has its charms and the whole offers an incredible diversity of landscapes and cultures.

A piece of rainforest on the Caribbean Sea

Belize, like the Guatemalan Petén, contains many Mayan sites, sometimes difficult to access. Belize has 250 kms of coastline and hundreds of small islands, Les Cayes, which extend along the second largest barrier reef in the world. It makes it an exceptional site for diving and snorkeling.

Central America's most iconic destination

Besides major archaeological sites stretch somptuous beaches, colonial cities, breathtaking landscapes, arid deserts in northern Mexico, volcanoes in the center, tropical rain forests to the south and music sounds everywhere. What a mix of cultures - Indian and Spanish - which sums up the cultural richness of Latin America.

From beaches to skyscrapers of big cities, from the desert to the snow-capped mountains ...

As everyone knows, North America is huge. A multitude of landscapes, cultures and climates that allow you to travel there at any time and to practice very diverse activities. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here in the United States Of America.

Southeast Asian pearl

With its white sandy beaches, tropical islands, mountains, rice fields, abundant wildlife, archaeological sites, temples, Thailand is a real gem for luxury tourism.

Magical islands where the gods reign

Close to 17,000 islands spread between South East Asia and Australia, right in the Indian Ocean. The largest archipelago in the world! To visit Indonesia is to explore diverse and varied landscapes, to meet fascinating fauna, and to soak up a rich culture, influenced by the different religions of people who live there.

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